Teamwork in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a pretty good software for editing videos. Because I have some Blackmagic Design cameras, I also have access to DaVinci Resolve Studio. In studio you can work together as a team on a projectserver, is this possible in the free version? Yes!

For it to work, you need a small workaround but the solution is pretty easy. The Resolve projectserver is pretty much just a PostgreSQL server with a specific version. Even with the free version of DaVinci Resolve it’s possible to connect to such a server, it’s just hardcoded to localhost:5432. With a simple SSH tunnel and port forwarding, you can forward this port to any server you want.

ssh -L

Another advantage: The connection between your computer and the ssh server is encrypted.

By the way the current version of PostgreSQL does not seem to be working with Resolve, I’m just using this docker container, I propably need to check which version is the latest thats compatible with Resolve.

Just a small sidenote: Depending on the connection speed to your PostgreSQL server, you may need to disable auto save in Resolve, because otherwise a slow connection will impair your editing experience.